Hamptons Jazz Fest, produced by The Jam Session, Inc., is a series of performances that bring world-class musicians in the fields of jazz, Latin, and world music to a diverse cross-section of populations on the east end of Long Island, held in iconic venues throughout July, August, and September. HJF also stages a Winter Series during the remainder of the year. They present dozens of concerts at no or low cost and collaborate with other non-profit cultural organizations like OLA of Eastern Long Island, the Parrish Art Museum, The Church in Sag Harbor, East Hampton LTV, the Bridgehampton Childcare and Recreation Center, the Shinnecock Nation, and others to engage the diverse groups from the East End in our performance and educational events.


The Jam Session, Inc. is a not-for-profit production and education arts organization that produces live jazz music, including Latin and world music, through performances, recording, broadcast, and educational opportunities for the people of the East End of Long Island, primarily Eastern Suffolk County. The Jam Session brings the music to the community it serves in various ways, including at partnering venues that are accessible and well-served to the public. The Jam Session’s ultimate purpose is to bring these diverse groups together through music and shared public experiences and thus nourish the roots of the community…its people.

The Jam Session Mission Statement:

The Jam Session’s mission is to bring the diverse groups that populate the East End of Long Island together through music, particularly Jazz, Latin, and World music. And thereby facilitating experiences among musicians and audience members, enriching their lives and providing pathways for interaction with each other for the growth and benefit of the entire community.

The Jam Session Inc produces the following:

  • Hamptons Jazz Fest
  • Jazz Night at the Masonic Temple
  • Winter Music Series
  • The Jam Session Radio Hour on 88.3 WLIW-FM
  • Jazz Wednesdays at Baron’s Cove

Jazz Night at the Masonic Temple

Jazz Night is currently held weekly before a live audience at the Masonic Temple above the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum. It generally consists of an hour performance of Jazz, Latin, or World music by professional musicians expert at their craft, and a second hour that is open to musicians who join and “jam” with the others. Thus, Jazz Night exists:

  • To provide a venue for up-and-coming and professional musicians.
  • To provide a creative and nurturing venue where musicians can practice their craft before a live audience to create a place where musicians can network with other musicians as well as showcase their talent.
  • To provide a place in the community where people of all ages and demographics can enjoy eclectic live music for free or low cost on a consistent basis.

Hamptons Jazz Fest Executive Board

The Jam Session Inc board:

  • John Landes – Legal Counsel
  • Joel Chriss – Development
  • Claes Brondal – Executive Director
  • Isabel Sepulveda
  • Bonnie Cannon
  • Chris Mees